Move / save process steps into library

Dear Sir / madam,

I our deployment we have many WebService to deploy. Each web services use the same steps (under the Project/Process) to install. Repeating the same steps for each WebService is a bit of a chore.

A nice feature would be to allow the steps to be defined in the library and then for a project a user would simple reference the predefined library step with the WebService specific variables. This would make the project far easier to create.

Thank you

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for getting in touch! I feel I might be missing something or misunderstanding your suggestion. Currently you can create your own step template to reuse in multiple steps or projects. (See Creating your own Step Templates).

If the answer is that of course you know this exists, and I am missing something, would you mind explaining it a bit more? :slight_smile:

Hi Vanessa,

Not sure if I am missing something. To deploy a web service we use 3 steps: IIS Website - Delete, IIS App Pool - Delete and IIS Website Create (see attached). I would like to be able to create a batch / muli-step template in the library.

I have the Chrome Octopus plugin which allows me to edit the json but I’m unable to copy this into the import step in the library.

Hi Colin,

Ahh now I understand. Multiple steps. We do have a UserVoice suggestion for this:
While it is pretty popular, extra votes would not go astray!

Out of curiosity, why do you specifically need to delete your website and app pool before creating them? Our package step has inbuilt IIS features that check for existing sites and app pools before trying to create them.