Move .octopus directory on SSH Linux Target

We make heavy use of the “Custom Installation Directory” feature to deploy packages out to a network location. However, the way octopus does the deployment leaves a copy in the $HOME/.octopus/ directory for each environment.

We’ve set the retention policy to one release, but even then this can take up a lot of space as the application we’re deploying is quite large.

The problem is that in our networked environment, the home directory is mapped to a network location and has a storage quota that we frequently brush up against.

Can I move the .octopus folder to somewhere else, like /tmp? How can this be configured.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for reaching out.
You certainly can move Octopus directories and files to a new location. We have a great guide that should help walk you through this process.

Take a look and let know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Does this guide apply to SSH hosts that aren’t running a full tentacle?

Hi Adam,
Unfortuntly the default paths, for ssh, are not modifiable.

Octopus will always deploy a package to the default location, perform any pre-deploy scripts, variable substitutions and transforms before moving the files to the custom install directory. This is due to the fact that we assume by default that the custom directory has a working copy of your application so to blindly extract files into that location before performing all the transforms could break your application.

Here’s more information on custom install directories and our order of deployment operations that might provide be helpful.

We also have information on how our folders are structured for SSH deployments on this documentation page . As our folder structure is all based for the users $HOME variable moving the home directory of the user may assist in moving the base of our directory structure however the default paths can not be changed.

I hope this helps.


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