Move ~40 projects to a new space

Hi Octopus Team, Octopus Users!

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on moving projects in Octopus between Spaces.
I have ~40 projects (under one project group) that w’ll have move to new Space.

My plan:

  1. Using Octopus.Migrator run a partial-export of specified project group (with all settings i.e. projects, variables, machines, lifecycles)
  2. Via Powershell replace default spaceId with new one in all .json files (all files including machines) and file names.
  3. Replace all occurrences of space-1 feedId with the new feedID for new space. What do you think? Will this be required? Or step 2nd should cover this? We also use built-in feed.
  4. Using Octopus.Migrator import modified projects together with machines and all projects settings…
  5. Remove old project group & machines & environments etc.

I am planning to test it on our DEV instance of Octopus, however I am hoping that someone has already conducted similar activity and maybe has some advice for me? Do you see any mistakes in above plan?

Hi pasazer13,

Thank you for reaching out.

I don’t see anything that stands out as incorrect here. Obviously you’ll want to test one to see if it works. I would start with using the --dry-run switch. Then once you verify no errors are present, push one into Octopus and see if everything looks good.

Good luck with your migration! Let us know if you run into any problems.


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