Monitoring Octopus server


I’m looking for ways to monitor Octopus server. Currently , i monitor only Octopus service and MSSQL services using SCOM.

I want to monitor more, to see how it is doing. I will add performance counter monitoring in SCOM, but from the application perspective, what would be good idea to monitor? Octopus has its own logs. We sometimes see slow performance of the octopus itself, navigating via GUI when creating/deploying project. So it would be good idea to pull all logs to ELK or Graylog and track such slowness and compare them with performance counters in scom to see if we need more ram/cpu and etc (identify what is causing slowness if possible)

Anyone has similar monitoring implemented to give some suggestions for best way to do it? How to parse the logs from log files? Do you use regex? Anything else useful to monitor and measure based on Octopus logs?

Cheers in advance for any suggestions and help!


Thanks for reaching out. The other thing you could monitor from a performance perspective, are the web requests made to the Octopus server. Since Octopus is an API first application, being able to log the times that each request took could come in really handy when troubleshooting slow performances from the web UI.

Hope that helps


Many thanks Dalmiro for great suggestion! This one definetly will be very useful to monitor and address my needs to identify possible slowness of the requests.

Thanks for providing great support guys!