Modify SharePoint Web.config outside package

We are using Octopus to deploy sharepoint wsp packages. however the web.config file is not part of this package, so we cant use the default out of the box octopus deploy config transform and variable substitution.
So question is: is there any simple way to access the SharePoint Web.config and make modification without writing powershell web.config variable substitution?
If Powershell is only way, any one have the generic scirpt which do this task?


Hi Manju,

Thanks for reaching out. In that case Powershell would be the only way. Its not hard to do though. This blog post does a good job explaining how to deal with XML files from Powershell:,2-895.html

Hope that helps!

Looks like powershell is the way to go about it.
Thanks for the quick help.