Missing users and teams after backup and restore

I’ve backed up from a instance and restored onto a instance and I have 1 team and 1 user missing. Other users created subsequent to the missing user are present. I am unsure if there is any other missing data but these were the most obvious (as it was my account)

Any idea how this could have occurred? I’ve tried 2 different backups and same thing.

Further investigation reveals the following missing data

(Missing 1)

(Missing 19)

(Missing 34)

(Missing 1)

(Missing 14)

Server Tasks
(Missing 18)

(Missing 1)

(Missing 1)

(Missing 20)

Also confirmed. Still happens when restoring to same version (

Did a manual export and import via the RavenDB control panel and it added all the missing data :S

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch and very sorry about this. In 2.4.8 we changed the way our backup system creates backups, using a different Raven API. We’ve had a couple of reports about it not producing complete backups. Although we couldn’t isolate what the problem was, we reverted back to our traditional approach to creating backups in 2.4.9 and above:

Doing the export/import would have been our suggestion too.

I’m very sorry that this bug affected you, I know it must have been a very frustrating experience.


No worries at all Paul. Congratulations on an awesome product.