Missing Show Process for previously deployed releases OCTOPUS 3.14.1

Go to a project in Octopus > On the left choose Releases > Select a release > Scroll down to “Deployment Process” Section > Hit “Show Process” button in blue.

The process is not listed. All I see is the attached screenshot. This is in chrome. In my IE browser I don’t even see an option for deployment process when I choose a release. For chrome show process pops in with no steps under it just the header.

Thanks in advance for feedback,
Scott -

Hello Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch, it looks like that’s a feature provided by a chrome extension called bluefin, that’s not built by us here at Octopus Deploy.

You’ll need to contact the maintainers of that extension to report the issue there: https://github.com/bluefin-octopusdeploy/chrome-extension/issues

All the best.


Thanks Nick, that makes sense my browser was blocking the add on in chrome. Take care.