Missing information in health check

In the tentacle health checks, I see the following message. There seems to be some data missing after “Available:”.

Not running latest version of Calamari.
December 15th 2016 12:50:00Warning
Expected: 3.6.6
December 15th 2016 12:50:00Warning

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch! I had a look and this turns out to be a formatting/display bug with that health check script in certain cases. I’ve now simplified the logic and messaging to avoid others from getting similarly confused.

It would normally have attempted to show you the “versions of Calamari available on the Tentacle” by listing the contents of the TentacleHome\Calamari folder. We always expect to be running the correct version of Calamari, so the useful information here is really whether the Tentacle has the correct version of Calamari or not.

Thanks for the heads up, and I hope this helps!