Missing "Apply to other failures in the same activity" check box in Guided Failures

I’m currently on Octopus Deploy 3.2.19 and am using Guided Failures during many of my deployments to help mitigate file in use and other pesky one-off issues. I’ve noticed that after my upgrade from Octopus Deploy 2.X that the “Apply to other failures in the same activity” check box on the intervention screen seems to be missing. While this isn’t so much an issue for environments where I have a few servers, one of my environments has over 50 machines, which at times requires a bunch of clicking “assign to you” and “retry” over and over and over again.

Did the feature to “Apply to other failures in the same activity” get moved to another screen or did it get left behind in the new version?

Guided failure in 2.X

Guided failure in 3.X


Thanks for reaching out. As explained by Mike on the thread below, we removed this feature in 3.0. If you’d like to share some details on why this feature was useful to you, I encourage you to do it on that thread. Having those opinions centralized on one thread will be helpful for us if we decide to do something about a similar feature in the future.


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