Migration problem from Red Gate Deployment manager and Octopus

I am in the middle of migrating from Red Gate DM to Octopus Deploy and all is going well, but the final step for me I’m confused over.

I have a team city command line build step that is using RGPublish to create and push packages to a NuGet package feed.

I can’t figure out what the equivalent is with Octopus?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am very sorry for not getting back to you sooner about this issue. This message got filtered to the spam list by our forum software and I only just found it.
I also saw the twitter message, and am very sorry you were unable to contact us.

We have some very helpful videos about integrating TeamCity and Octopus which can be found here:

It will give much better information than I can provide via forum.

Hope that helps!

Hi Andy,
I am doing the same migration these days.

I installed the TeamCity Plugin from Octopus.
First I add the Octopack packages into the assemblies which should be packaged. The packaging is activated using a command line switch, so in TeamCity you will have the option to enable Octopack in a compile build step. This works well with web sites and web services. These packages are automatically available as artifacts in the TeamCity Nuget feed.

I also used the octo.exe in a command line build step to package a folder. I had to explicitly add a definition so that this package would be available in the TeamCity Nuget feed.

Hope this helps,