Migration / consolidation / best practices

I am using version 3.11.3 and I have 3 instances. I’m in the process of bringing all of them under 1 domain.

Currently, two of my instances are in the same domain run on the same VM and I want to add the other one. I’m looking for what the recommendation is — is it better practice to separate instances on separate VM’s or keep them on a single VM?

I do not want to put everything under a single instance, I have a large number of projects and it’s just easier to manage separate.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! There is nothing wrong with having a number of instances to make Octopus easier to manage. It is something we recommend when talking about really very large scale implementations.
The only direct issue you will face is licensing. Each license allows for 3 concurrently running instances. We do offer a discount for additional instances, I can pass on our sales details if you require this.

We are in the midst of designing a new feature that will make the creation and management for separation an inbuilt feature of Octopus. We have not finalized the licensing model this will have so I cannot tell you if it will be a better deal.
There is not a lot of detail I can give you as the kick off meeting for the planning is starting next week :wink: I would suggest keeping an eye on our blog as it will eventually get an RFC - Currently the working feature name is Spaces.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or I can explain anything further.