Migrating Projects from Octopus 2.5.* to Octopus 2018

Hi All!

I need to migrate some projects from Octopus 2.5.* to Octopus 2018 (let’s call it ‘Octopus Final’). In order to do it, I am planning to create new Octopus Server 2.6, migrate everything from Octopus 2 to it and then update it to Octopus 2018.

Once above steps are done, I’d like to use partial-export and partial-import to import only the projects that I need to ‘Octopus Final’.
What do you think about this approach? :blush:

Please note I’d like to avoid upgrading Octopus 2.5 to 2.6 and any downtime. The old Octopus Deploy will be still in use for some time.

And sorry if I made some mistakes above! I am not a native speak of English :frowning:

Hi Marek,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately I have some news that you were trying to avoid, the only way to upgrade from Octopus 2.x is to upgrade to 2.6.5 first. You can then upgrade directly to Octopus 2018.10.x, you can find the instructions for that process here.

As for your approach, that should be possible, however the partial-export didn’t exist as part of Octopus 2.x. To perform the migration in the manner you are looking to do, you will need to install Octopus 2.5 on your new server first (the exact Major.Minor.Patch that you have installed on your current primary server), then perform the export from your current server. You will then need to delete any unwanted projects from the export before importing to the new server.

Once that is done the upgrade to 2.6.5 then latest should be fairly straightforward.

Any further questions please let me know!


Thank you very much Alex. I’ve installed Octopus 2.5 on my new server. I am planning now to import the .octobak file. I am assuming that original Octopus won’t be impacted. Am I right? Will the new Octopus 2.5 be able to broke the Tentacles that are used by original Octopus?