Migrating from Octopus Server to Cloud

Hi All

We have been using an Octopus Deploy Server for a few years now. But our deployment targets have grown until it is no longer economically viable to pay for deployment target-based licensing anymore with a dedicated Server instance and we would like to migrate to Octopus Cloud. We have already created the Cloud account but now want to migrate whatever we can.

I’ve searched the support forums and documentation for possible clues as to how people migrate their Projects, etc across from Server to Cloud but all I see is a bunch of topics on importing/exporting Server to Server or across versions.

Anybody could post links to where I can read more about this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting in touch!

At this stage we don’t have any tooling available for a migration from your current Octopus instance to Octopus Cloud. We are actively working on it, and all going to plan we should have this available in the next few weeks.

We knew this was going to be something that we needed, however we had to build Octopus Cloud first before we could build the migration tooling, and since we had a product we didn’t want to hold up the launch just for this feature! Catch-22 really.

I would like to know a little more about what you would be bringing across, would you mind giving me an indication on what sort of workload (no. of targets, projects, users etc) you would be using? Depending on your situation we may be able to come up with another solution for you.

Thanks Greg, I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


Hi Alex

Thanks for your response. I understand your position.

However, that is going to complicate our life and probably delay our move across to Cloud.

Currently we have:

  • only 1 main project (and a new smaller one)
  • but we have over 20 environments
  • around 80 deployment targets
  • almost 500 variables
  • and a process that consists currently of 56 steps excluding substeps
  • around 5 or 6 users

We have hundreds of historic Releases but we aren’t set on bringing more than the latest release per environment across.

In truth, although that’s a lot to have to re-configure, to give you a sense of the rate of change:
We generally don’t create new releases more often than about 5 a week. Changes to the environments and variables happen at least once a week, but the steps generally only change about once a quarter or so.

Given the time it will take to re-build everything, and the size of the team, as you can see we are small, we will likely be forced to wait it out until you have tooling to assist.

Thanks again for the response.

Just wanted to add my support to this.

We have 15 projects and 27 targets currently. Projects vary in complexity.

We’re very keen to move to hosted. We’ve already signed up =)

Any update on the tooling?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reminder!

You can now use our Migration API to migrate from self-hosted to Octopus Cloud. You will need to make sure that your self-hosted Octopus version matches your Octopus Cloud Octopus version, other than that you shouldn’t have any issues.

Let me know if you do happen to run into any problems,


OD Team: Is the Migration API the most recent and easiest way to do an import from server to cloud? It seems like there are a lot of steps and it’s not exactly “easy”.

HI @Michael_W,
We are currently looking to add better support for using the migrator (or some other tool) to move existing instances into the cloud. As Alex mentioned the new Migration API is one such option alongside using the standard Octopus REST APIs or the octo.exe export/import. As you can probably imagine our first goal has been to get the hosted platform running, stabilised and available for users . If you have any specific questions about how to use existing options could you please start a new support thread or shoot us an email at support@octopus.com

Hi Robert - We need migration of existing data to be quick and painless so we’re going to hold off on cloud indefinitely until these areas firm up.

I would just like to add to this as we are considering moving to the cloud but wouldn’t be willing to do so without a seamless migration process.

Would you be able to give any indication of when you think this would be available?


We don’t have any concrete timeline but we are hoping to have something early next year. we will keep you posted with further developments.

Any further updates on the Migration


@Felix_Johnson it looks like no tool is ready yet, but Octopus offer assisted migrations.


Hi @Felix_Johnson

@Aaron_R is right, at this point in time we only have a manual migration process that we assist with.

Automated tooling is still on our roadmap however development has not yet started and probably won’t for a while yet (balancing demands on our development time).

Any further questions please let me know.