Migrate Octopus Project from one server to another server (different version)


I’m fairly new to Octopus Deploy and I need to migrate one of our Octopus project from one server to another server – twist is that the two servers are of different versions.

What would be my best option to do this?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Paolo,

Unfortunately migrating between servers of different versions is not something that we currently support, however there are a couple of ways around this. For a single project it may be possible to export and import the project via octo.exe export and Octo.exe import commands, we have documentation available here that may help.

Ideally it would be best to keep versions in sync (especially if you want to use the formal data migration tool that we have, or if you are testing against a new version the process that we normally recommend is to perform the migration at your current Octopus version, then perform an upgrade post the migration.

I hope that helps, please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with,


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Thank you so much for the help, Alex!! It worked perfectly :wink:

Great news, thanks for letting me know!


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