Method to reset Octopus Server Master Key

We trial new releases of Octopus Deploy on a demo server before we upgrade our live instance.

When we do this we restore the DB and files from the live instance across to the demo server and enter the Master Encryption Key from the live server.

However we then want to change the Master Encryption Key so it is not shared between instances. I can’t see any documentation on how to do this.

The only documentation I can find mentions obtaining the key or setting it when moving to a new server, but not how to change it:

Can you advise if there is a supported method of doing this?


Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately there is no method in Octopus for changing the Octopus server master key. In order to create a new master key, you will need to create a new instance.

I asked around, it does not look like there are any workarounds here. Sorry if this is not the response you were hoping for.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,