Message There are no enabled deployment targets in the roles

I can’t seem to deploy to any environment.

I have 1 step in de deployment and that is deploying to IIS.

I have given the step the requirement that the deployment target should have a webserver role (see screenshot)

I have setup the environment like this

I haven’t made any environment conditions (default all environments right?)

And when i try to deploy i get the following warning

I can’t seem to get it to work

HI Ronald,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you run a Health Check on the Production environment to make sure the machine is properly connected to Octopus, then create a new release and try to deploy it?


I have done the healthcheck and all lights are green, no warnings, no errors.
see attachement.

Still get the same warning when trying to deploy

Hi Ronald,

  • Could you please try to create a brand new release and see if you get the same message?

  • If creating a new release doesn’t work, please send us a screenshot of your lifecycle configuration