Means of changing expired AD passwords

It appears none of the authentication methods I’ve tried recently (forms-based, or integrated) authentication, allow a user to change an expired Active directory password.
Is this true?

I have at least one user, who only uses an account for Octopus deploy. Most others actually log onto Windows servers, where they can change them. This particular user though, does not actually log into a server to do with this particular account.

We have multiple domains in our org, and he uses a different Domain account for Octopus work, than for his other work.

Assuming there’s not support for this, is there a plan to add it?
I found a workaround - I granted the user rights to a server on the same domain as his Octopus account, had him log on and change his password, and then he was able to get going.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately it isn’t possible to use the Octopus Portal to reset your domain users’ passwords.

One potential work around here could be for your user to login to the client workstation as their domain user account and use Ctrl + alt + delete to change their password within Windows.

I’m also sorry to say that there are currently no plans to add this feature into Octopus.

I hope this suggestion has been helpful for you! Please feel free to keep in touch if you have any questions.

Kind regards,