Markdown in release notes not rendering in

I created a custom release notes report as part of our build.

So I have release notes that look something like this:

####Associated changesets since

  • Changeset 123 Checked in by user on 07/21/2014 13:41:20

    making a change
  • Changeset 124 Checked in by user on 07/21/2014 13:41:20

    making another change

When I go to the release page of the project, the markdown is no longer being transformed into HTML. I did some experiments and it’s because of the quote ‘>’ syntax. I can do all the other markdown, but the minute I prefix it with the quote then nothing is processed.

Now I wanted to upgrade to 2.5 to get the filtering support and in my completion email I have this syntax:

#{Octopus.Release.Notes | Markdown}

And this works… the markdown is processed into HTML.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for finding this bug! Yeah it was introduced in 2.5 as part of some html sanitization.
I have created a GitHub issue which you can track here

Sorry about that! I will update this ticket when the fix is live.

Hi Steve,

The fix for this is in the latest patch and available for download


This is working correctly now! Thanks!

Not sure if this is by design, but if I enter markdown I see the rendered html in the release notes, however when I send an email it shows the markdown and not he rendered html when I pull in the release notes.

Hi Nick,

You can use #{Octopus.Release.Notes | Markdown} in your email to convert markdown to HTML.

Hope this helps!