Mark a deploy as failed


We ran a deployment of 3 projects to production this morning and all the steps worked. But the actually application failed when tested.

So we manually rolled back 2 of the components and left one (a new component) in place.

What is the best approach in Octopus for this? Is there a way to mark a project deploy as failed even though all the steps worked? Is there anything else we can do to a deployment of release to note issues we had during the deploy? Or anything else we can do we haven’t thought of? Perhaps adding a “manual intervention” step right at the end where the operator can mark it as failed.


Thanks for reaching out! This isn’t currently possible, but we have an open github issue to add support to override a task status, and we are already working on it:

Can’t share a specific timeline of when It’ll be released, but it should be fairly soon.


Ok thanks Dalmiro.

Do you have any tips in the meantime on how people handle a situation like this?

Hi Andrew,

The only thing you can do at this moment is block that release so It doesn’t move further down the line: . But It’ll still be marked as “Successful”.


Hi Dalmiro,

Yes that will do us for now. It would be almost perfect if it was more obvious from the dashboard and project screens that the release was blocked. But at least it allows us to indicate there was an issue and enter some notes

Thanks for your help