Manually pushing Metadata from TeamCity


For legacy reasons, for one of our projects we have around 24 packages pushed from a single build configuration in TeamCity. They’re packaged up via a powershell script and pushed via the console tool. I’d love to give the Jira integration a try, but at the moment it looks like i’d have to add an extra 24 metadata build steps to the configuration to push them all :frowning: . As the build result is technically the same for each package, is there any way I can do this with a single step?


Thanks for getting in touch. This is an interesting scenario, and I think we may have a solution. Can I clarify a couple of things though to make sure I’m understanding correctly? The 24 packages all get built at the same time, out of the same repo, yeah? Do these all get used in the same deployment process in Octopus?

The way the Jira integration works is it relies on you entering work item references in your commit messages, the commit messages get passed to Octopus via “Metadata” (using the Metadata step), then Octopus parses the commits looking for work item references. That data then gets included with releases and deployments.

So if it is a single repo, you’d be using the same set of commits for every package and there’d be little point in duplicating the metadata step 24 times. If you’re always using all of the packages, what we’d recommend is to pick one of the packages as the nominated “carrier” for the metadata/build information and add the metadata step with that package’s Id. The metadata step can be added either before or after your current script step, the data is managed independently, it just has to be before you create the release in Octopus.

Hope that helps and please let me know how you go and if I can assist further.


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