Manual Intervention step halts other deployments?

I’ve used manual interventions for a while now, but recently I noticed that releases which does not have a manual intervention are waiting for those releases that have if the releases are deployed at the same time.
Is this intended?

Hi Harald,

Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus will always queue deployments that are for the same project to an environment already running a release. If this is the case it cannot be changed, and will need the existing deployment to complete.
If it is that you appear to have 5 tasks running on your task page and the rest are queued, we have an instance task cap which you can extend. On the Configuration -> Nodes page there is a cap of 5 concurrent tasks set by default.
You can extend this, but we recommend being cautious as the more tasks running the more performance issues you may see on your Octopus Server.

If none of that helps could you please provide screenshots of your task page and a detailed explanation of what you are seeing.

In this case there were two running tasks.
We’ve set the task cap to 20 and been that way for a while.

However, as I mentioned. If there is release which contains a manual intervention, the release will halt all other releases deployed at the same time. So in other words, there is no longer a queue, but a FIFO queue when manual intervention is used.

What I would expect to see though, is that the release is added to the deployment queue when it has been approved, but instead the release is in front of the queue waiting for approval stopping all other releases.