Manual intervention step does not show up for team users added by Active directory group


I’m running octopus server ver : 2019.6.7

I’m having an issue wherein external members added to a team are not able to shown the steps to approve but if I test their permissions they are shown to be a part of the team

I have several steps for Manual Intervention against whom - the responsible team is added.
The responsible team has in it external members which come from groups via Okta, which comes in from AD groups, to test this I navigate to https://octo-endpoint-here/app#/Spaces-1/configuration/testpermissions/UsersABC for the context of the user who’ll be in my group, I can see the team show up fine under permissions

However, when that user runs the project, they do not see the prompt, adding people explicitly to the team under “Members” works.

Where do I start looking for logs in such a scenario!

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

update : having certain people added in directly as members in the team also does not work, but does work for other people - are their project level restrictions on manual intervention in place?