Manual Intervention Instructions using Output Variables Issue


I’m trying to set up a manual intervention step to display a variable from a Power Shell script that is ran in a previous step. It is calling the variable just fine, but it is actually changing the contents of the string for the manual intervention step. Also, when I call that same variable again in another script after the manual intervention step, the value is correct. I had assumed that it would just output the contents of the string. The manual intervention instructions display has all of the underscores removed from the name and they are used pretty heavily in our naming schemes.

We are trying to use the manual intervention step as a way to validate that the script names that are going to be ran as a part of the deployment are correct and as such would like to see the names match up exactly, it’d be nice to have this in that manual intervention step so that it’s readily view-able by the person approving.

Below is a screen shot of the output of the manual intervention step as well as the step that follows it, there is also a screen shot of the lines that set this variable and call them in the separate steps.

Thanks for any assistance,


Edit: octopus version 3.4.5


Hi Cody,

Thanks for getting in touch! The yellow manual intervention box lets you use markdown to add formatting to your notification. Unfortunately in this case the markdown is triggering when you don’t want it. Surrounding a word with “_” causes it to be italicized, which is what you can see with ClientName and Of in your screenshot.

To prevent this you can surround the #{Octopus.Action[Test Variable Inputs].Output.ScriptNames} with backtick characters like `#{Octopus.Action[Test Variable Inputs].Output.ScriptNames}` which will ignore markdown in that block, although it will format the text slightly differently.

Hope that helps!


Excellent, that was exactly what I needed.

Thanks for the response!