Manual Health Check shows machine that was removed from Environments

I created an environment with one machine in it.
The machine was identified by its ip address.
The machine’s ip address changed.
I removed the machine and the environment.
I added a new environment with another machine
I ran a health check.
All machines return quickly, except for one, which is the machine I removed and is now not listed anywhere.
I have to wait till the health check times out.

Hi Arthur,

What version of Octopus are you using? This was a bug in an old release but shouldn’t happen anymore. If you are using the latest version you can access the RavenDB database and delete the machine directly from RavenDB.


I’m using Octopus Deploy

I’m aware of RavenDB but I’ve not used it myself.
Is the easiest approach to use the LinqPad RavenDB driver?
Do you have any documentation on how to access Octopus’ RavenDB instance?

Ok, so in Octopus Deploy under Configuration > Storage you can open RavenDB Management Studio.

  • I went into the collections section and selected machines.
  • By double clicking on a machine I was able to see it’s document, including the ip address I needed to find.
  • Going back to the machines screen I did a right click delete on the offending entry.

I’m waiting for the Manual Health Check to time out before I can test this (a cancel task button would be nice).

Thanks for including such an empowering tool with Octopus Deploy.

After the data surgery my next manual health check succeeded.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the update Arthur, glad you got it sorted!