Manual deployment per machine basis

We have a use case where we want to stage a deployment after a regression to individual user VM’s.

I.E. once we pass regression we create a manual approval step that the individual has to approve the deployment to their VM. Outside of creating a separate environment for each individual VM, is it possible to have a single environment (‘developers’) and allow users to approve individual machines?


Thanks for getting in touch! You don’t mention what version you are using but in 3.3 we added the ability to have manual intervention steps inside rolling deployments.
This means that for each machine they can have their own manual intervention step and approval and continue in a rolling fashion.

While it sounds like this will be a great solution for you there are a few issues that may arise.

  1. There are no permissions that can be locked down, so if a dev selects the wrong machine and manual intervention step they could continue a deployment on another machine
  2. if there is a large time delay deployments for that project will be queued until the full deployment has completed so you won’t be able to have more than 1 release on all machines at the same time (this may not be an issue but I cannot assume about your process or timeline).

Setting each machine in its own environment would mean each dev would be locked to their own permissions and each deployment would not be blocking for each machine if they hadn’t completed. And with Lifecycles you can put all of those environments into one phase and set off the deployments at once.

Really it will come down to what is more important, timing, permissions, or process.

Let me know if you have any further questions or want more details about what I have described.