Mandatory Lifecycle


We have lifecycles set up and working OK. But i would like to know if you can set an Environment as mandatory to be able to deploy to the next phase…

Example , (how we have it now)

Phase 1(DEV,UIT) > Phase 2 (SIT) > Phase 3 (UAT)
any 1 to progress

What i need is for UIT only to be mandatory in phase one… we wouldn’t always deploy to DEV (it’s an optional EV) but always have to release to UIT before SIT. In this case deploying to DEV would allow users to bypass UIT and allow promotion to SIT

I can’t see a work around in this instance could a mandatory flag (check box) be added into the phases per EV?


Hi Kris,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently there’s no way to do this, but its not a bad idea at all so I went ahead and created a uservoice sugestion for it:

Please try to drop by and leave some votes/comments on it if you’d like to see it implemented in the future.

Best regards,