Managing Windows Services - Dependencies

Hi there. Octopus Deploy has excellent support for setting a Windows Service’s dependencies (i.e. services which need to be running in order for the service to run), but I can’t find an obvious way to handle management of services which depend on the service you’re deploying.

Scenario: We have a primary service (MassTransit Runtime Service) which gets deployed. There are one or more “consumer” services which depend on it. When we deploy an updated version of the MT service, it stops the dependency services and installs and restarts the MT service - but it doesn’t start the dependent services.

At the moment, I’ve added some process tasks to start the dependent services once the service has been successfully deployed and started, but it’d be good if this happened conditionally as part of the deployment of the primary service.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting in touch!

That’s an interesting one, we’ll keep that in mind or you can add a suggestion for voting in UserVoice but I’ve not heard anybody ask for that before. Probably for now you’re best off having your own script step to kick off those other services.

Thanks again