Make Tenants Independent

For simplicity, assume two environments (Test and Prod), two Tenants (A and B), and that version 1.0 is deployed everywhere.

Lets say I deploy Version 2.0 to Test.

It succeeds in Tenant A, but Tenant B fails. BOTH Tenants are blocked from progressing to Prod.

I want to be able to configure octopus so that in the above scenario Tenant A is allowed to progress, but Tenant B is blocked.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your suggestion.

What version of Octopus Deploy are you using? It works like you’ve requested in 2019.8.1.


I see, we’re on 2019.6.7.

I’ll see if we can upgrade to 2019.8.1.

Hey Adam,

2019.6.7 is an LTS release and 2019.8.1 is a fast lane release so you might want to wait on upgrading. We should be releasing a new LTS this month or next month that would include these changes as well.