Machine-specific variables not evaluated in e-mail steps


I have a variable in my project, whose value depends on #{Octopus.Machine.Name}. I have also a step that send an e-mail and the body uses my custom variable. However, in the received e-mail the variable #{Octopus.Machine.Name} has not been evaluated. I guess e-mails are sent from the server, but I don’t have the option to select “on behalf of” there. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Hi Boyan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Octopus.Machine.Name isn’t available unless you put the email step as part of a child step, then it will run for every machine that the step runs on. Otherwise that machine information isn’t available, so it won’t be evaluated (as the emails are sent from the server, not on behalf of a deployment target).

Hope this helps.