Machine specific report for release successfully deployed

Hi, Can you please help me to get the report about the machines to indicate whether the release was successfully deployed on the machine?
So the report will columns like Environment, Target machine, Release deployed, Sucess/Failed, etc

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You can use our API to get this information. That link contains further links to documentation, samples, and different client libraries that you can use.

You should look at the Deployments and Tasks API to start with. That will provide you with the environment, status and release ids. To get the machines, follow the variables link from the deployment resource and find the Octopus.Deployment.Machines variable.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for your response.
I am unable to understand how to get a simple report from the link that you sent.
Basically I am looking for a simple report that will give me idea of how the deployment has progress so far. i.e. a csv file or SQL script that will give me this information and I can then further modify it in excel as needed. Or may be if you have a better suggestion like web page or PDF report with the graph, etc.
Please advise.

The API mentioned in is for Office 2013 and above.
Do we have anything that helps for Office 2010?
Also the API http:///api/reporting/deployments/xml?apikey=
gives information just from the deploymentHistory table. Is there way to get information from more tables using API.

Hi Pratik,

It sounds like you may need a developer to help you understand how to explore the API. We have some recommendations for partners below that may help.

The Office reporting doc you mention uses our API to generate an XML feed, which is consumed by that Excel template. If this Excel-style reporting is what you’re after, then that documentation page can certainly help. The template we have on that page is all we have available, so you would need to have Office 2013 or above and customise this report yourself. The example template is all we offer and this is solely based on the DeploymentHistory table. To see other information, you need to explore the API yourself (see the API wiki for more information).

Regarding getting a simple report from the links we mentioned, you would need to write your own reporting tool (website or other) that consumes data from our API to create your own reports. You would create an API key and use our API to generate whatever reports you wanted. For example, you could write your own console application that consumes the API and generates your own .CSV file, which you could then use in other reporting tools.

The API wiki can help to start exploring the API. Eg. the Deployments API shows you EnvironmentId information and a TaskId. You could then use the Environments API to lookup the environment name and the Tasks API to lookup the deployment task and find the current State of the task (Success/Failed etc).

If you wish to write a custom report based on a SQL query, you can explore the Octopus database schema and write your own SELECT query to get the information you wish, making sure you have backed up your database. You should only do this if you understand the risks of querying databases yourself, otherwise consult a database administrator to help you.

If you need help creating your custom reports and are unsure how to consume an API yourself, we can recommend some partners that may be able to help.