I need to use some of the newer AzureRM features, so I am doing manual script and importing the modules

I need to run Login-AzureRmAccount and just wondered if I have access to the Resource Manager Account settings via Octopus Variables, or should I duplicate them into a set of shared variables ?



Hi Jonathan,

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Within your Azure steps (package/scripts) you have the following variables available to you with your account details:

  • Azure account subscription ID = Octopus.Action.Azure.SubscriptionId
  • Azure AD application client ID = Octopus.Action.Azure.ClientId
  • Azure AD application tenant ID = Octopus.Action.Azure.TenantId
  • Azure AD application password = Octopus.Action.Azure.Password
  • Thumprint of the certificate used for Azure authentication = Octopus.Action.Azure.CertificateThumbprint
  • Base64-encoded certificate used for Azure authentication = Octopus.Action.Azure.CertificateBytes

Hope that helps!


Hi Henrik

Are these available when I am running a powershell/script step, not an Azure Powershell process ?


Jonatha n

Hi Jonathan,

No, these variables will only be made available when running an Azure step, as you have to select the Azure account on these step types. Normal script steps will not include these details as we wouldn’t know which account you want, so you would have to provide them via project variables or a library variable set.

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OK, thanks for the feed back