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I needed to move the Tentacle home and application folders from the G: drive on my server to the C: drive. I followed the instructions here: [https://octopus.com/docs/administration/managing-infrastructure/moving-your-octopus/move-the-octopus-home-folder-and-the-tentacle-home-and-application-folders]

This seems to have worked okay, but I noticed that the log files have been recreated on the G: drive. How can I get the log entires to update the Log files on the C: drive?

Hi Bob,

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The log folder automatically appends itself to the home directory. If you open up Tentacle Manager what is listed as the Logs Directory there?

Are any new log files being created on the C: drive?

I’m also wondering if you could have more than one instance of the tentacle installed on this machine and perhaps changed the configuration of the wrong one. Within Tentacle Manager, if you click the dropdown at the top right does it list any other instances?


Hi Paul and thanks for the reply.

Tentacle Manager is showing the Log Directory as what I expect it to be now i.e. C:\Octopus{instance_name}\Logs. There are no new logs being created in this folder - but there are new logs files being created in G:\Octopus{instance_name}\Logs.

And there is definitely only a single instance of Tentacle running on this server.


It sounds like it may not have picked up the new settings correctly. Can you try restarting the tentacle service and then attaching the OctopusTentacle.txt file that it writes to.
It may be easier to remove the contents of the log folder so that it generates a new OctopusTentacle.txt file.

I restarted the service and it looks like it is now writing the log files to the correct location. I was sure I had already tried that, but must not have done. Thanks ever so much for your help.

Glad that it’s working.

The script in the link you used is supposed to restart the service I believe, so this was a little odd.

Yes, the service must definitely have been restarted, so that’s strange. Thanks again.

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