Loadbalancer and multiple projects

Hello, here is my simplified deployment process:

  1. remove from the load balancer
  2. deploy a release of project A
  3. deploy a release of project B
  4. add to load balancer

In the environment I have 3 deployment targets. I want that deployment goes like this:

  1. remove server1 from LB
  2. deploy both projects
  3. add server1 to LB
  4. repeat (1.-3. steps) for server2
  5. repeat (1.-3. steps) for server3

I was thinking to add deploy release steps as the child of remove from LB but it doesn’t allow me to put that kind of process step as the child. Any advice?

How I can achieve that kind of deployment taking a server by server and run release of some project?

Hi @Matija_Kovacek,

Thanks for getting in touch! The Deploy a Release step is unable to be added as a child step. I think the best option here is to use our Octo.exe command line to help you manage this process.

The octo.exe command line has a deploy-release function which can be used to manually deploy releases for your projects A&B. you can use --specificmachines=value flag to help you control the targets you are deploying to.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any further questions at all here.

Best regards,

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