Load balancer deployments

Hello Paul,

we have 1 nginx server which is a load balancer and 3 servers.

Can you please give me steps to remove one server at a time from load balancer for deployments and add it back after completing the deployments to minimize the down time.


Hi Vijay,

It sounds like a rolling deployment with a step that has your steps to remove from load balancer/deploy app/add back to load balancer as child steps would do the trick here, see our docs on how to get it all setup.

You would have to script the adding/removing from load balancer using a Script step (or you could use the pre-/post-deploy script feature of the package step), unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with nginx to be able to give you specifics on how to remove/add server back to it, but I’m sure a bit of googling around the internet should give a solution.

Hope that helps!

Thank you and best regards,