*.live.config => *.config

Hi Support Team,

we are actively using your great product, but have have faced a problem.
In configuration transformation topic : we are using the “Additional transforms” filed and list the config files one-by-one.
Eg.: web.live.config => web.config
support.live.config => support.config
etc.live.config => etc.config

Is it possible to use the following syntax? :
*.live.config => *.config

But we have some other config files, like server.live.#{Octopus.Tentacle.CurrentDeployment.TargetedRoles}.config => server.config and we want to keep it this form.
And finally, our environment is not the “live” (so the *.environment.config transform does not work for us.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for getting in touch. The syntax *.live.config => *.config wont work, as it is too unespecific for Octopus to realize which transform file goes with which config.

For the first 3 you could create 3 variables for the prefixes and then do:

#{Prefix1}.live.config => #{Prefix1}.config

#{Prefix2}.live.config => #{Prefix2}.config

#{Prefix3}.live.config => #{Prefix3}.config

For server.live.#{Octopus.Tentacle.CurrentDeployment.TargetedRoles}.config => server.config I believe it’ll be best if you leave it like that

If you environment is no “live”, then you’re gonna have to use a variable for that part of the config file name. The value of the variable should change (scope) depending on the scenario.