Listening Tentacle on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS health checks failing with syntax errors

Installed tentacle on Ubuntu 20.04 this morning following posted documentation. Install/registration completed successfully, however all health checks fail. I have tried reinstalling/registering several times, no luck. The log on the tentacle shows no error. The raw output on the server is below:
| == Failed: Check sdvazuweb01 health ==
10:22:32 Info | Starting health check for a limited set of deployment targets
10:22:32 Info | 1 machines will have their health checks taken.
10:22:33 Verbose | Checking for Tentacles to update
10:22:33 Fatal | The health check failed. One or more deployment targets were not available.
| == Failed: Check deployment target: sdvazuweb01 ==
10:22:32 Verbose | Performing health check on machine
10:22:33 Verbose | Executable directory is /bin
10:22:33 Verbose | Executable name or full path: /bin/bash
10:22:33 Verbose | No user context provided. Running as current user.
10:22:33 Verbose | Starting /bin/bash in working directory ‘/etc/octopus/default/Work/20201130162232-61089-1’ using ‘Unicode (UTF-8)’ encoding running as ‘root’ with the same environment variables as the launching process
10:22:33 Error | /etc/octopus/default/Work/20201130162232-61089-1/ line 2: =: command not found
10:22:33 Error | /etc/octopus/default/Work/20201130162232-61089-1/ line 3: syntax error near unexpected token (' 10:22:33 Error | /etc/octopus/default/Work/20201130162232-61089-1/ line 3: $details = @()’
10:22:33 Verbose | Process /bin/bash in /etc/octopus/default/Work/20201130162232-61089-1 exited with code 2
10:22:33 Fatal | The remote script failed with exit code 2
10:22:33 Verbose | The remote script failed with exit code 2
| Octopus.Core.Orchestration.Targets.Tasks.ActivityFailedException: The remote script failed with exit code 2
| at Octopus.Core.Orchestration.Targets.Scripting.ScriptResult.EnsureSuccessful()
| at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.ServerTasks.HealthCheck.HealthCheckService.PerformHealthCheck(Machine machine, ExceptionHandling exceptionHandling, Action`2 customAction)
| Octopus.Server version 2018.5.1 (2018.5.1+Branch.master.Sha.fed1d75e0ea43fd69e57346195af647457206d93)
10:22:33 Verbose | Recording health check results
| == Failed: Summary ==
10:22:33 Fatal | One or more deployment targets were not available. Please see the output Log for details.

Hey Ryan,

First of all welcome to the Octopus Boards!

Thanks for reaching out.

It looks like this could be two things. Do you know if you’re aliasing bash at all?

Can you tell me the output of ls -l /bin/bash and bash --version?

Also, would you be able to try the latest version of tentacle? It should be backward compatible with even 2018.5.

Please let me know.


Thanks for the quick response!

here is the info you requested:
ls -l /bin/bash
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1183448 Jun 18 15:44 /bin/bash

bash --version
GNU bash, version 5.0.17(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

I am not aliasing bash. This is a vanilla install from the canonical image available in the Azure marketplace.

Tentacle version 6.0.135 (6.0.135)

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the info.

That all looks good to me. Do you have any other functioning linux tentacles? If so, which distros and versions are they as compared to this one?

I did a local repro and it was working for me on 2020.5 and Ubuntu 20.04.


There are my first Linux tentacles. I am able to connect the same machines via ssh.

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the info. Sorry, I should have checked right away, sometimes I think things have been supported longer than they have. We actually didn’t support linux tentacles until 2019.8.3 it looks like. Would you be able to upgrade past that? If not, you should be able to register them as SSH targets.

Please let me know what you think.


I can’t really take the time to upgrade right now, so I have set them up as ssh targets. I’ll upgrade to latest first quarter of next year. Thanks for your help!

Hey Ryan,

You’re very welcome! Thanks for updating me.

Let us know if you run into any issues, and I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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