Listening Tentacle API

I have been looking at the following Octopus Deploy API Documentation. It is great! Unfortunately, it is also incomplete.

Specifically I was looking for the API for creating a new listening tentacle in an environment.

Is there somewhere else you can point me for documentation or perhaps put the POST and PUT endpoints in the reply?

Thanks for your help,

So, I did some digging with the API and I think I have figured out how to do it:

POST https://<OCTOPUS_DEPLOY_SERVER>/api/machines with the following body
“Id”: “Machines-API”,
“Name”: “”,
“Thumbprint”: “F74361FAE2641D4CB1FF0A5995C67966EE518420”,
“Uri”: “https://:10933/”,
“IsDisabled”: false,
“EnvironmentIds”: [
“Roles”: [
“Status”: “Online”,
“HasLatestCalamari”: true,
“StatusSummary”: “Octopus was able to successfully establish a connection with this machine on Thursday, January 28, 2016 9:17 AM”,
“Endpoint”: {
“CommunicationStyle”: “TentaclePassive”,
“Uri”: “https://:10933/”,
“Thumbprint”: “F74361FAE2641D4CB1FF0A5995C67966EE518420”,
“TentacleVersionDetails”: {
“UpgradeLocked”: false,
“Version”: “3.2.17”,
“UpgradeSuggested”: false,
“UpgradeRequired”: false

Hi Charles,

Thanks for reaching out. Glad to hear you figured it out on your own. I also wrote this cleaner script for the same:


Thanks for your help! That script is great!