List of Events for Triggers

Is there anywhere in the documentation that I can see a full list of event groups and events for triggers? Our auto deployments are failing and it looks like the machine is not completely ready when it starts deploying.


Thanks for getting in touch! Our Automatic Deployment Triggers documentation page refers to some of these events and event groups, though it’s not as clearly laid out as it should be. We’ll get this page updated to include more info on the events and groups you can use with your triggers. Thanks for pointing that out, and I’m sorry it’s not very clear!

In regards to your trigger not working as expected, I suspect you would like to use the Deployment target is available for deployment event group with no additional events selected. Groups are pre-defined sets of events to make it more convenient to set up your triggers which work for common scenarios. This specific group will ensure your new machines are healthy and ready before the deployment is triggered to it.

If you’re still seeing the same issue after using that group trigger, could you send me your auto deploy logs? You can find those in your Configuration > Diagnostics page, in the Auto deploy logs tab in your Web Portal.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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