List of deployments done since a specified date

is it possible using the octopus api or some other means to show a list of deployments pushed to a specified environment for a specified date range. the Audit page under configuration is close but what it is missing is the project and the release information for the deployment.

Hi Kirk,

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We currently have something in the works that will get information like this out of Octopus. Of course that doesn’t help you at all at the moment.
The 2.5 pre-release allows you to now sort the task screen by environments and projects which would help you to sort and find the information a bit more easily as it lists the release number and date.

Hopefully this helps a little.


Is there any documentation on how one should resolve this issue, to get a list of successful deployments by a date or date range.


Thanks for reaching out. There’s a couple of ways to do this:

From SQL

Select all the values from the table Deployment History, filtering by the values of the columns TaskState and Created

Using the API + Powershell

There’s an OSS Project called Octoposh that has a cmdlet called Get-OctopusDeployment that could also help you.

Project URL:
Cmdlet Wiki:
Cmdlet you’d have to run: Get-OctopusDeployment -ProjectName "MyProject" -Before [date] -after [date] | ?{$_.status -eq "Success"}

Getting data from the API to an Excel spreadsheet

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