List all Nuget Packages used in Release


When looking at an historical release I want to be able to see the nuget packages that had been chosen when creating the release. I cannot see a way of doing this. I had a similar issue when I wanted to see the value of the variables when looking at an old release.

For the variables I created a new powershell step that output the values for the variables, but I can’t see a good way of doing the same for the Nuget Packages.

Ideally, I wouldn’t have to hard code any step names.

Is there a way?

thanks in advance


Hi Stuart,

Thanks for reaching out. The chosen packages do show up when you browse a specific release (see attached screenshot). Maybe I’m not quite understanding what you are looking for? Are you trying to get this info programatically using the API just like you are doing with your custom powershell step perhaps?

Please give us all the info possible about your desired outcome so we can give you a hand :slight_smile:



Thanks for getting back to me Dalmiro.

I was looking for some powershell that I can use to put at the top of the log the NuGet packages used in the deployment. However, looking at the screen you sent that should suffice.

Thanks again