Linux tentacles fail to upgrade when installed manually

Hi Support,
I’ve been trying to upgrade Linux tentacle from version 5.0.6 to 5.0.9 (the newest one) through Octopus UI. Couple of problems/bottlenecks that I noticed during the process:

  1. The upgrade process does not expect the tentacle to be installed manually (using .tar.gz file) - it checks yum and apt-get only.
  2. Upgrade script restarts the service even if “No package tentacle-5.0.9 available.” in yum and no install process is started.
  3. The task is marked green with warnings/errors even if the process failed.
  4. Tentacle is marked unavailable after the failed upgrade even if the task is marked green.
  5. I can see a few (18, to be accurate) meaningless logs: Running Tentacle version 5.0.6.

Bartosz Piasecki

Hi Bartosz,

Thanks for your feedback about the Linux Tentacle upgrade.

The Tentacle upgrade process that gets initiated via the UI will try apt and yum, as you observed, but should fall back to extracting the new tar.gz. Would you mind sending your Tentacle upgrade logs to so we can have a closer look at what happened?


Just to keep this one open: I wrote to and Justin Walsh responded to me that there is actually a bug with handling of tarball installations. The issue will be fixed up and in the meantime, I should update tentacles manually by reinstalling them.

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