Linux tentacle claimed to be performing another task

This is the same issue as “44716-linux-tentacle-stuck-performing-another-task”.
My octopus server, v 3.3.10, is not any longer able to trigger a process on an ssh linux tentacle, apparently because it’s waiting for another task. I find no trace of this task.

The similar issue reported was said to disappear after updating to 3.3.1. I’m having this issue with 3.3.10… Any tips on this?

Tried updating to latest version 3.3.14. After a reboot, we’re back in business. Note: We had this up and working on 3.3.10 also. So even thought I’m happy it’s working again, I fear we may get stuck again. (Unless of course, if someone can tell me, this issue was specificlly adressed in 3.3.11, 12 13 or 14.)