Linux Listening Tentacles reporting version 0.0.0

We have just noticed that all of out Linux Listening tentacles are reporting their version as 0.0.0 though are saying they are up to date.

We upgraded to 2020.3.4 last night which could be related, but we don’t know for definite if the tentacles were reporting incorrectly or not before this.

Is this a known issue or something new?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It does look like this was previously raised with our engineering team but has been placed on the backlog due to lack of resources to fix it at present.

I’ve raised this issue and linked it and this topic to our internal tracking of this item to ensure the problem remains visible.


Thanks Paul. I did search the forums to see if it had been previously reported but didn’t see anything related.

It’s good to get confirmation that it’s a minor bug and not and not a bigger issue with our configuration.

  • Richard.
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