Linux Deployment Issue

System.IO.IOException: Cannot create /data01/home/*****/.octopus/Applications/OctopusServer/CLCTest1/Ideas/0.12_1/wp-content/plugins/task-scheduler/include/library/apf/factory/AdminPageFramework/model/AdminPageFra because a file with the same name already exists.


We are currently in the process of integrating our first linux based deployment via SSH. The deployment is a Wordpress site which contains significant path lengths, however we believe we are within those definitions.

Currently during the deployment we are seeing the above error… however at the filesystem level we are not at 255 characters and we are able to add files / folders at that path level locally on the server. The permissions of the folders appear to be in order and files are getting deployed up to that point.

I was unable to locate any similar issue in the forums. Any insight you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated



Just some additional information regarding this issue…

When deploying the package to the server locally, the package deployment is successful without errors.

The filename in the error message above is a truncated version of the original filename:
i.e. we believe the issue is due to the filename being truncated and written…and then when an attempt to write the next file (again another truncated version of a similar filename) the error is produced since the filename is the same as the previous file…

As an example the files that should be deployed are the following:

AdminPageFramework (folder)

The filename written once is:


The error is then produced.

So the new question is: Why is the filename being truncated? Any thoughts regarding how to further debug this?



Hi James,

I replied to your original forum post at the following URL. If you have any follow-up feedback on this issue, please reply there. :slight_smile: