Limited access to QA and PROD environments


We have three environments: DEV, QA and PROD.
Currently, developers can deploy to DEV, QA and PROD environments without limit. But all developers know they are supposed to deploy to DEV only and most of them do the practice well.
However, SQA team asks me to limit developers to deploy only DEV environment to be sure.

I know there is environment option under the team menu but it turns out it limits the variable access as well.
We do not want to limit them because they are the people well know the variable values in each environment and they are always changing them when needed.

Is there a more sophisticated way to achieve our goal?


Hi Lee,
Thank you for getting in touch. So sorry for the delayed response.

You can absolutely accomplish this by scoping your Team’s Roles to the required Environment.

In the image below I’ve set up a Dev Team with ‘Project Contributor’ and “Project Deployer” roles, scoping each to a required environment.
Project Contributor scoped to Dev, Test and Prod will allow members of the Dev Team to manage variables for each of these environments. While they are can only deploy to Dev, as “Project Deployer” is scoped to Dev only.

Also, take a look at our documentation on Teams with Mixed Environment Privileges for more helpful tips on scoping Team Roles for the version of Octopus that you’re currently running.

I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further question or concerns.


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