Limit on number of tasks ran on the same tentacle simultaneous


We have setup our Octopus Server with one node (task cap set to 10) and with multiple octopus tentacles.
We need to limit the number of maximum tasks ran in parallel simultaneous on the same tentacle (5 for example).
Is this possible in Octopus Server version 3.0?

Andrei S

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for getting in touch.

If we’re understanding this correctly, you’ve setup your deployment process to run steps in parallel, and you have so many steps that you want them in batches of 5, is that correct?

If so, you could have your deployment process run 5 in parallel, then make the 6th step wait for the previous step to complete, then start your parallel steps again. That way 5 will run, and the next batch of 5 won’t start until the previous 5 are complete.

For this to all work, you’d need to have set the OctopusBypassDeploymentMutex to True, as per this documentation on running multiple processes on a Tentacle simultaneously.

Hope this helps.