Lifecycles -- deploy to min number of envs before next phase

I am using a Lifecycle with 2 basic phases:

  1. Deploy to DEV / QA (any 1) – I have 4 potential environments defined
  2. Deploy to PROD

After I deploy to ANY QA environment, I can still proceed to PROD, but I can’t choose to deploy to additional QA environments.

How do I enable the ability to deploy to at least 1 QA env, maybe more, before proceeding to PROD.


Hi Casey.

You can still deploy to a QA environment, just not through the dashboard. The intention with lifecycles is to complete phases. So in your example, the release has completed the DEV/QA phase and can now proceed to PROD. The dashboard deploy buttons are just a convenient way to promote the release through lifecycle phases.

If you want to deploy to another DEV/QA environment, just go to Releases, select the release and then Deploy to…


Ahhh. Thank you. That did the trick.

Side note / Feature Request: It would be nice, however, to enable a deploy button on the dashboard to deploy to additional envs within the phase, while still allowing a user to continue on to the next phase after the minimum number of deployments is reached. That menu seems like a logical choice to also provide release capabilities to other envs after the minimum threshold for the next phase is reached.

Hi Casey,

Glad you got it working.

It would make it easier being able to deploy to environments within a completed phase to add capabilities. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve added your suggestion to UserVoice:

We use UserVoice to help manage our feature requests because we get a lot of them.