Lifecycles API Documentation

We really miss the Lifecycles API Documentation.

Tried messing around:
Exception calling “Post” with “2” argument(s): "There was a problem with your request.

  • Please assign a release retention policy to the lifecycle.
  • Please assign a Tentacle files retention policy to the lifecycle.

A better error message would be preferred as well.


Hi Glenn,

Thank for reaching out. We’re gonna try to update the API wiki to include that in the next couple of days.

What i would recommend you to do (and its what i do all the time when i have to script something against the API) is to open your browser’s developer tools to check the network transactions, and then open Octopus from the web and try to A) open a lifecycle and modify it or B) Create a new one and then check the sent and received info to see how the JSON is supposed to look when you do the POST.



That’s a great tip! Thanks.
( I tried to look at the source of the website… but that didn’t help. )

Best regards