Lifecycle not being applied

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I created a new Lifecycle for disabled projects, specifically to customise a retention policy different to our Default Lifecycle. The projects are disabled but we will want to keep some of the releases.
I changed the Lifecycle of each project in the Process step - but it only seems to be applying to 3 of the 10 projects I changed, not sure why?
There are various differences in the projects - some were already set to “Disabled” when I made the change, some were still “Enabled” but I set them to “Disabled” at the same time as changing the Lifecycle. Others got renamed at the same time too, to have “(Disabled)” in the Project name, so its visually obvious.

I’ve gone through all them again Enabling/Disabling and hoping the Lifecycle setting sticks, but its still only applying to 3 of the projects, I dont know whats so different between them and the others.
Is there a certain set of criteria required before a new Lifecycle will get applied?

Hi @bronwyn_andrews,

Thanks for getting in touch! I will need to get some further details from you to get a better idea of what could be going on here.

Something to keep in mind here is that the Lifecycle is associated with the Channel which is collected when a release is created, so the first place to check would be your Channel settings. I have seen in some instances, even though the Default Channel is being used to create the release, the Default Channel has been edited to supply a different Lifecycle. (You may not even be using the Default Channel, but whatever channel you are using for the release will most likely hold the answer)

You mention that you have defined the Lifecycle on the Process page, would you be able to confirm that on the projects with the issue, the Channel they are using matches the Lifecyle you would expect?

If you set the Lifecycle for the Channel to Inherit from parent it will use what you have defined on the Process page. However, if the Default Channel has a Lifecycle explicitly defined, then it will overwrite your Process page setting.

If this does not help, or if you have any further questions here, please let me know.

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Thanks Daniel!
I hadn’t realised the association between Channels and Lifecycles, and it appears an explicit Lifecycle was being defined in the Channel settings, therefore overwriting the Process settings, as you explained.
Changing this to Inherit from parent has fixed this and all is now running as expected.
Many thanks for the help!

Hi Bronwyn,

Thanks for the update, we’re always happy to help!

This is something we are hoping to modify in the future to see if we can handle a bit better.

If you have any further question or run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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