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Hi, I inherited an Octopus instance after a merger and we’re looking into migrating our other infrastructure onto it too. I have a question about licensing. Our current Octopus instance shows that we’re licensed to have 20 targets and 3 spaces. If I look at your current pricing it only mentions targets, not spaces. It also doesn’t mention 20 but 25 deployment targets.

Two questions:

  1. Does that mean that if we we’re to upgrade our license to more deployment targets, the amount of spaces would change to be unlimited?
  2. It seems we are on a grandfathered in license plan. Is it possible to still upgrade within that old license scheme to a bigger amount of deployment targets and does that come with different pricing? If so, where can I find details on that?

Hi @govert,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I think there may have been a temporary glitch with the pricing page as it seemed to be missing the feature comparison for a period there. It does seem to be back up now though:

As it mentions, new licenses do include unlimited spaces.

Regarding the specifics of upgrade your license, it would be best to drop an email to our sales team ( and include your license key they will able able to provide more details on the upgrade options.


Hi Paul,

Thanks a bunch for your quick reply, the comparison was indeed missing but I see it now!

I’ll do just that, thanks!


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